Successful weight loss is more than just finding the “right” diet. It is the process of integrating the time-honored habits and behaviors of healthy and lean living into one’s own lifestyle.  Successful weight loss is more than just finding the “right” diet. It is the process of integrating the time-honored habits and behaviors of healthy and lean living into one’s own lifestyle.
Ours is not a “quick fix” or “one size-fits-all” program, but rather a tailor-made approach that focuses on what it will take to manage your weight for life.


Nutrition Assessment
Your initial nutrition assessment identifies the following:

•   Your current caloric intake and overall healthfulness of food choices

•   Your caloric threshold for safe and healthy weight loss (see Resting
     Metabolic Rate Assessments for more information)

•   Habits and behaviors that are keeping you from achieving your weight loss

•   Important motivators that will help to propel you toward your goals

•   Your readiness to overcome obstacles to behavior change

•   Pertinent health history, medications, and related nutritional needs        (see Medical Nutrition Therapy for more information)

N U T R I T I O N   C O N S U L T 

Consultations are client-centered and focus on what you need to be successful. Clients meet one-on-one with a registered dietitian who has additional certification in adult weight management education. Meetings are one hour in length and can be scheduled weekly, biweekly or monthly as needed for support and accountability until weight loss maintenance habits are firmly established. 

 G R O U P   S U P P O R T  P R O G R A M S

Your group of 3-10 individuals can meet at our locations for a 10 week weight management program facilitated by a registered dietitian, weight loss specialist.
Curriculum includes goal-setting, identifying nutritional needs, menu planning for health and disease prevention, strategies for long- term successful behavior change and creating a network for meaningful, on-going support.


For your group of 10 or more employees, a registered dietitian will facilitate our 10 week weight management program at your corporate site. Curriculum includes goal-setting, identifying nutritional needs, menu planning for health and disease prevention, strategies for long-term successful behavior change and creating a network for meaningful, on-going support.

LifeStyle Management offers individuals, restaurants, and institutions a full-range of professional nutritional analysis services. Analyses are performed with a state-of-the art nutritional software program that contains over 30,000 food ingredients and 133 nutritional supplements. Your analysis will provide you with data for over 80 different nutrients including calories, carbohydrate, protein, and fat grams as well as an array of vitamins and minerals. Our database is continuously updated to deliver the most accurate and complete nutritional analysis available.
Additionally, we can assist you with recipe development. If you have target nutrient goals to achieve, such as certain number of fat or carbohydrate grams per serving, we are able to provide you with a report showing how much each recipe ingredient contributes to the total thus allowing you to target changes in your recipe with precision. Or, have our experienced dietitian make alternative ingredient recommendations for you. Once nutritional analysis is completed, you will be provided with all available FDA approved nutritional claims (e.g., low fat, high fiber, good source of calcium, ect.) appropriate to your recipe or product.

C O N F I D E N T I A L I T Y :   Rest assured that your formulas and recipes are held in strictest confidence. A confidentiality agreement is available upon request.

 A N A L Y S E S   S E R V I C E S   I N C L U D E :


•   Nutritional analysis of menu items

•   Diabetic exchanges

•   Modify recipe to meet health claim


•   Nutritional analyses of recipes

•   Diabetic exchanges

•   Modify recipe to meet health claim


•   Menu analysis

•   Nutritional analysis of menu items

•   Diabetic exchanges

•   Modify recipes and/or menus to meet population-based nutritional          criteria


•   Diet analysis

•   Nutritional analyses of recipes

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Research has shown that diet plays a critical role in the management and reversal of disease.  Additionally, a healthy, balanced diet is essential for the prevention of risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease and many types of cancer. One-on-one MNT works with your medical history, medications, current exercise program, and food preferences to develop a heart healthy menu plan that comfortably fits your lifestyle.

E A C H   M N T   C L I E N T   R E C E I V E S   A   C O M P L E T E
N U T R I T I O N A L   A S S E S S M E N T   W H I C H   I N C L U D E S :

•   Nutrition analysis, a computerized report that accurately identifies your current daily caloric intake as well as your intake of over 80 dietary nutrients.

•   A one-on-one meeting with a registered dietitian (RD) who will review with you your computerized report, identify any areas of dietary excess or deficiency and make dietary recommendations that will effectively help you to achieve your health and fitness goals.

•   Identification of any potential food and medication interactions.

•   A customized, blueprint menu plan to follow

O U R   D I E T I C I A N   C A N   H E L P   Y O U   W I T H   T H E  

P R E V E N T I O N   A N D  M A N A G E M E N T   O F   T H E   F O L L O W I N G   M E D I C A L  D I A G N O S E S :

•   Diabetes (Type I & II, gestational)

•   Food intolerances/allergies

•   Cardiovascular diseases including  cholesterol reduction, blood pressure
reduction, congestive heart failure, stroke and peripheral artery disease

•   Gastro-Intestinal diseases including IBS, Crohn’s, colitis, Gastro-esophageal reflux

•   Gout

•   Nonalcoholic steatohepatisis (NASH), liver disease

•   Cancer, post-chemotherapy wellness menu planning

•   Pre & post gastric bypass surgery

•   Pregnancy, maternal health/nutrition

•   Weight Management

•   More… please check with us for help  with any medical condition not                      listed here.

Athletic ability is influenced by genes, effective training regimens, and good nutrition. Eating the right foods helps you to attain and maintain a desirable body weight, stay physically fit, and establish optimum nerve to muscle reflexes. Over the past decade, researchers have discovered hundreds of eating strategies that can enhance your exercise program whether you spend four hours on the golf course, one hour on the treadmill or bike saddle, or half an hour on a weight bench.Our goal is to provide you with a balanced nutrition plan that supports a sustained, vigorous training schedule, promotes rapid muscle recovery, and provides adequate hydration for your sport. You will feel better and perform better when you fuel your body optimally.

N U T R I T I O N   A S S E S S M E N T

Your initial nutrition assessment identifies the following:

•   Current caloric intake and overall healthfulness of food choices

•   Caloric needs based on training intensity and fitness goals including building lean mass or weight loss if desired (see Weight Management for more information)

•   Optimal intake of dietary carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, and water to support your training program

•   Pertinent health history, medications, and related nutritional needs (see Medical Nutrition Therapy  for more information)

 N U T R I T I O N   C O N S U L T 

 Consultations are client-centered and focus on what you need to be successful at your sport. Clients meet one-on-one with a registered dietitian who has additional training in sports, cardiovascular and wellness nutrition. Meetings are one hour in length and can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly or monthly as needed for support and accountability until nutritional habits are firmly established. On-going consultations address the following:

•   Evaluation of supplement needs, including vitamins, minerals, sports drinks and ergogenic agents

•   Fueling prior to exercise and events

•   Post-exercise and event refueling

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