LifeStyle Management provides human performance testing and training for all levels and types of athletes. 

Sport-Specific Testing and Training Programs:

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is the product of an exercise philosophy known as Functional Movement. 

FMS (functional motion screening)
​What is the FMS?

Poor golf swing mechanics are often the result of a player’s physical limitations. A TPI Evaluation will help us identify physical limitations, which cause inefficiencies and compensations. 

Titleist PERFORMANCE Institute.
What Is Golf Fitness? 

Our highly qualified exercise physiologists assist police and fire departments in developing, implementing and managing health and fitness programs to meet departmental demands and safety guidelines. Our custom approach through initial assessments and re-evaluations will ensure an excellent course of action to help you maintain a high performing team long-term.

The following is an example of the fitness components that are frequently used in the field for testing police and fire departments. We are not limited to these tests and can employ other measurements dependent upon specific  departmental goals. Standard tests are compared to medical norms allowing us to set the standards at a level appropriate for your needs and requirements. Most of the testing can be administered in-house, if either a treadmill or a bicycle is available for use.

S T R E N G T H :

  • Push-ups: Measures upper body strength
  • Sit-ups: Measures abdominal strength
  • Grip Dynamometer: Measures forearm/grip strength

F L E X I B I L I T Y :

  • Sit-n-Reach: Measures hamstring/low-back flexibility

Police & Fire Department Fitness Testing 

Also known as RMR, or REE (resting energy expenditure), this metabolic assessment is one of the most scientific and accurate ways to evaluate a person’s daily calorie requirements.

When weight loss is your primary goal, our registered dietitian can assist you with menu planning to ensure the time and effort you put into exercise and dietary change results in
healthy, long-term, weight loss goal achievement.

Resting Metabolic Rate & Vo2 Max Testing

Our unique combination of orthopedic and cardiopulmonary assessments provide the foundation needed to customize a program for new definitions of health, fitness and disease prevention. We work with your physician to facilitate and expand the service of your health care. Our staff has extensive training in biomechanics, motor learning, strength training, cardiopulmonary health, human performance and exercise adherence. 

Comprehensive Health Assessments 

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