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Joe Griec, Director Marketing Twin City Fan Co.

Working out with Lifestyle Management has been a great benefit for me.  I have lost right at 20 pounds since I started training with you (2012).  One part of it is being on a set program and having my weekly appointments.  They get me to go and do the training and keep on track.  Unfortunately without having a set schedule it is too easy to skip sessions and get out of the habit or not do it enough to do any good.
You have helped me by working with me on doing the correct exercises and doing them correctly.  Working on various issues like my rotator has helped me keep from having pain or issues that I previously had.
Thanks for your help!

Greg Parupsky, VP Murphy Warehouse

I think Lifestyle Management have excellent trainers.  They create variety in the workout. I   can only say good things about them and thanks for being at Murphy.
Not a huge fan of the lunge/squat, but acknowledge that they are valuable. Lately they added some variety with the ankle weights /  rubber bands / free weights on the stepper etc… that I appreciate.  Tough to keep it fresh after all of these years, but they seem to  be making an effort to come up with a variety of routines.


Tom Griep, CFO Murphy Warehouse

Lifestyle Management trainers are consummate professionals. They provide creative workout schedules and really works hard to get the most out of you. They are really good.

Paul Welna, COO Muprhy Warehouse

Robert Bjork, CFP
Financial Advisor, McNellis & Bjork, Ltd.

I’ve been training at Lifestyle Management for more than ten years now.  For me, their facility and programs are a convenient and effective way to get in shape and stay in shape.  The Lifestyle Management trainers I have worked with are considerate, always professional, and have great credentials.

LifeStyle Management is a group of highly professional and knowledgeable trainers who also, more importantly, genuinely care for their clients as friends and colleagues. For over 10 years my senior managers and I have been not only healthier and happier, but more productive. These results stem from our twice weekly individual sessions that have been specifically designed for each participants specific needs and goals. I encourage other business owners to implement a similar program and use the fantastic team from LifeStyle Management…!!!

Richard Murphy

President & CEO Murphy Warehouse

Lifestyle Management Client Testimonials

Rich Ryan, Director of Sales  Twin City Fan Co.

2 times per week with a program set up by Lifestyle Management. In the previous 9 months I used the gym to rehab my knee, probably 4 out of 5 days per week. My stamina and strength is increased in my short time being involved with Lifestyle Management.

Beth Smits, VP Best Buy

Beth, who has dedicated the past 6 years to training with Lifestyle Management, initially struggled transitioning from being an athlete in her youth to working out on her own as an adult. “I wanted to take the next step to really figure out how I could get the most out of my workout”, Beth explained.
Her experience training with the Lifestyle Management team has helped her gain a productive and effective path toward improving her health, “I think working out with someone with deep expertise in what they do, makes the workouts more efficient and effective”. Even as Beth has experienced physical obstacles that include terrible knees and hips, she continues to improve herself both physically and psychologically; “my body has changed all for the better in the last 5 years. The feeling of strength, confidence, and stress relief is just unbelievable. Training also gives us {Beth and her husband Todd} an opportunity to constantly be challenged by trying new things, pushing ourselves a little bit further and harder {with the help of our trainers} and we have a really good time while doing it!”
What makes Lifestyle Management unique is their approach to fitness training. “What I love about it [training with Lifestyle Management] is their holistic approach to strength, health and wellness. It is not just ‘see you on Tuesday morning at 7am and we will do your workout.’ It’s: ‘What are your goals?’ ‘What are you trying to accomplish?’ ‘What would you like to learn more about?’ ‘Where do you want to be or not want to be pushed?’ ‘What is important to you personally?’”
As Beth continues her training she is certain, “there is no way I would be able to do as much as I do and accomplish as much as I could on my own without working with LSM.”

Jean Parupsky, Director Murphy Warehouse

The Lifestyle Management training staff  have been wonderful to work with.  They are very personable and professional.  I have nothing but good things to say about them.

Lifestyle Management does an excellent job. Overall, a top-notch job.  

In my opinion, the benefits of working with a trainer cannot be overstated. I have been a regular user of our fitness center for many years and I know that it reduces my stress and increases my energy level during the work day. One of the main reasons that I began exercising on a regular basis was that the facility was it was staffed with a fitness professional from Lifestyle Management that was open to questions and concerns related to proper workout routines. After my cardiac episode, my cardiologist told me that I would have had heart problems years earlier if I had not been exercising on a regular basis. To summarize, I feel better, have more energy and I think am much more effective for our company in terms of productivity because of Lifestyle Management and the fitness center.

Krish Ramaswamy, Executive VP of Sales  Twin City Fan Co.

Ron Kemp, Director of Sales  Twin City Fan Co.

Bob Panning,  Twin City Fan Co.

Bob, a member of the Bearpath Country Club, has been committed to working with the Lifestyle Management Team for the past 2.5 years. Before Bob made the decision to work with LSM he thought he was too busy to deal with his health, “...{when} you get really busy in your life, you find out that there’s zero time to take care of yourself. Work is crazy, I was gaining weight and feeling uncomfortable, working crazy hours, and started to look unhealthy”, Bob explained. With support from his family & his boss, Bob finally decided it was time to jump in and see what would happen.
Bob described his experience with LSM as a holistic approach, “I started off meeting with Phoun for initial fitness testing and got set up to train with Tom 2 days a week. Exercise was only a part of it. I met with a LSM Nutritionist {and} we went grocery shopping {together} a couple times to find healthier options for meals”. As a result of eating better and exercising Bob lost 60 lbs. in 9 months.

Lyle Vanthomme, VP of Sales  Twin City Fan Co.

 Lifestyle Management does a very good job motivating me and "keeping me honest" about coming in to work out.  They provide a very comfortable setting to exercise, while pushing me to work harder when needed.

For me personally, having the scheduled work out once a week with a personal trainer has helped give me the incentive to stay on track with my fitness program.  I have also used the strength and flexibility exercise routines that Lifestyle Management developed for me when I work out at home.

Bob Spilane, The Bernard Group

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My blood pressure and resting HR are both down.
I have personally gained a lot due to working out with the Lifestyle Management staff. I have maintained my weight, increased my strength and stamina substantially. I am not sick much and even if I get sick I am able to get over it quickly.